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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hydra Publications: Holiday Giveaway

Good Day and Happy Festivities:

I trust the holiday season has been treating everyone well thus far? It has certainly been a jolly time on my side of things. Although this is the first winter in which my beloved cat, Prince, is not here to witness, I have still been able to find the joy and peace that this particular season seeks to incite; and I hope all are able to find contentment in the moment - despite the trials and tribulations Fate may dangle upon us.

As far as the holidays are concerned, my publisher - Hydra Publications - is hosting a giveaway in which anyone who enters has the chance to win one of 20 ebooks (including my own fantasy novel: Empyreal Fate). The season of giving is not yet over, folks! Why not enter below for your chance to win? ;)

"Be like the bird who, pausing in her flight awhile on boughs too slight, feels them give way beneath her, and yet sings, knowing she hath wings."
-Victor Hugo 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

"Perfect Nothing" is Officially in Print - and Other News

G'morning to all and a Merry Holiday Season to those who wish it so:

Finals Week has now ended at the University of Oklahoma, and I am officially on break for the holiday season. Sometime during the hubbub of what we refer to as "the holidays", I mean to write a post on my experiences during the past semester - particularly in regard to my Anatomy Cadaver Lab class. It was quite an exciting experience, and I was intrigued by many of the discoveries I, and several of my peers, made throughout the course. To see a human body (and many of them) stripped down to the barest mechanics that construct it... is mind-boggling, fantastic, and, in some small ways, almost a let down (and I'll let you know what I mean by that later on). Our bodies seem almost to work in such a magical, harmonious way - yet in other aspects, it is quite simplistic and not at all unique from other living organisms. (Now the brain... that's a story in and of itself). But again - I shall tell my tale soon.

As of now, I wish to announce the print release of the "One" anthology, which features my short story, titled, Perfect Nothing, a piece that recounts my physical and almost "spiritual" (if you wish to call it) relationship with an eating disorder. It was a period of time in which I was at my sickest, and although I am not proud of that stage in my life, it has made me who I am (with all the madness, curiosity, inspiration, what have you...)  - and I hope that it may provide strength to those who currently face the insidious disorder, incited by a certain emptiness - a certain hollowness - of the soul. It is, at the very least, a small part of me - a small part that reflects and seeks to incite courage in those who need it most.

For those who are interested, the link for a copy of the print version of "One" (which also features eleven other short stories from various authors throughout the world) is provided here: 

I do so hope you all enjoy it - and also that Fate treats all well this holiday season~

Fare thee well, my friends~


"The finest thing in the world is knowing how to belong to oneself."
-Michel de Montaigne

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