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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Empyreal Fate Earns Recognition - Award. Also: Zoo and Signing!

Greetings, Friends and Fellow Wordsmiths:

Well, today has been a swell Saturday indeed - thus far, of course. Tis merely noontime. But much in the way of excitement and adventure has taken place already: including a morning at the OKC Zoo (I know, I know... nostalgia gets me on that one) - as well as the winning of an award for Empyreal Fate as being "Indie Book of the Day" for this day, July 14th, 2012. I can say that I am quite honored to have received such recognition and title for my novel. I've thus posted the resulting certificate and badge that I received below. Feel free to click on the images in order to be taken to the appropriate site:


Also, I daresay, the Zoo was quite fun. It's been years since last I attended, and it was nice to see the new exhibits and updated features. There is yet much work that needs to be done to the place, but overall, the animals look happy, and, most importantly, healthy. Well -- all except this poor fella. I'm sorry to say that he didn't make it out alive:

But no matter! His counterparts were quite the bunch. ;)

Anyway, I'll keep this short for now. Stay tuned for upcoming interviews and posts for featured authors. I've got a couple interesting figures up my sleeve! (Well, in the queue, at any rate. I should think my sleeve is most uncomfortable).

Oh, that reminds me: In one week from now (Saturday - July 21st), I will be attending Full Circle Book's 'New Ink' event for an Author Book Signing. Two of my fellow compatriots from Hydra Publications will be attending from out-of-state, including James Peercy and Desiree Finkbeiner! Stop by and say 'hello' if you happen to be in the area. I do think it shall be loads of fun. :)

Until then! Fare thee well, my friends,

Rachel Hunter

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