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Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Touch of Humor

Greetings All!

   It is so beautiful outside today! I believe the temperature is in the 90s. Perhaps I will go to the lake after lunch and write some poetry - sounds like a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon! I have already spent my early hours revising Book Two of my series and working on my enormous 8,000-piece puzzle, The School of Athens. (Its dimension are roughly 5'x7').

    As I was surfing the web between times, I happened to run across a humorous video regarding the writing of a novel and the etiquette involved when querying. Humor yourselves:




1 comment:

  1. That video is hilarious. Puts a little bit more perspective on all the hard work you have gone thru to get a book deal and the obvious talent you have. I look forward to reading them. Congratulations again.


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