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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Empyreal Fate: April Release!

Greetings, Mates!

      I am ecstatic to announce that Empyreal Fate: Part One of my fantasy series, A Llathalan Annal, is scheduled to be released by the end of this month (April) through Hydra Publications. It has been a long and rewarding journey, and I can't believe the date is nearly upon us. Of course, it won't seem quite 'real' until I am actually holding the physical copy of my work in my hands, you know? There's something about the crisp pages and fresh ink of a physical novel that draws me in. Of course, Empyreal Fate will first be released in ebook format, but its print release will take place approximately 2-4 weeks after. In the meantime, be sure to check out other works by Hydra authors. They each have something new to bring to the table, and I have enjoyed several of their novels already.

   Also - in early March, my first short story, Perfect Nothing, was published through Amazon and Barnes & (via Trestle Press). It is a true story based upon my experience with an eating disorder (Anorexia Nervosa) - and of how I decided to break away from its chains. You can find the link to my interview with Mark Miller here: Interview. It is the seventh volume to Mark Miller's One anthology, and I am donating its proceeds to Give Kids the World. Also, here's the guest post I did for Trestle Press: Guest Post.

   In other news, I can't believe my first year at the University of Oklahoma is nearing its end. My younger brother is going to be graduating from high school this May - can you believe? I keep telling him to stop growing, but he simply refuses to listen to me. Stubborn brother he is...  :)
Time consistently means to overwhelm me. I mean, we're already over a quarter of the way into 2012. What happened? It was just New Years... only yesterday it seems! When I was young, I remember complaining to my uncle how time seemed to move so slowly. And it was true at that age: every hour seemed like five condensed into one. I clearly remember his answer to me: "Just you wait, Rachel. Time will speed up soon enough. And when it does, it will only get faster with each consecutive year." Hmph. Wasn't he right...

   The OWFI (Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc) Conference also takes place early this May. I attended last year and am considering attending again this year; although I have not yet made up my mind. Normally, I would decide right away, but this year, it occurs the weekend before Finals Week. We'll just have to see what my schedule allows. Nevertheless, if I do attend, I hope to see you all there! :)

   The last piece of business I mean to address falls in regard to Empyreal Fate's cover art. As you may or may not know, the production of its cover has been delayed, but I have recently acquired a new artist - Peter Bradley - who is looking at its completion within the next couple of weeks. He is a brilliant fantasy artist, and he does the cover art for the Castles & Crusades role-playing game books. You may remember when I posted about my first meeting with Mr. Bradley at last year's SoonerCon 20 event. Both he and I plan to attend again this summer, I do believe. Keep an eye out for his artwork!

   Well, that about covers the updates for now. Be sure to stay tuned for further announcements on Empyreal Fate! Also, I set up my Facebook Fan Page surrounding the novel, so feel free to drop by and introduce yourself or just say 'hi.' Also, look for my profile on Amazon and Goodreads. Let's talk books. :)

All the best~


"Creativity is that marvelous capacity to grasp mutually distinct realities and draw a spark from their juxtaposition."
-Max Ernst


  1. I'm looking forward to purchasing my own copy of Empyreal Fate. Congratulations, Rachel, on such a wonderful achievement!

  2. Just stopping by to congratulate you. All the best. :)

  3. I am looking forward to Empyreal Fate with much anticipation. Congrats on your first year of college! As you say, time flies by faster with each year so enjoy every moment! :)

  4. Thank you, Gwen, Scarlett, and James! And congratulations on all of your achievements as well! I do believe 2012 is faring to be a prosperous year with amazing opportunities. May it shine for us all. :)

  5. Congratulations on your book! How exciting that it will be out at the end of this month. I understand your view on holding the paper copy- then it will feel very real. Also-Your uncle gave you very wise advice about time! So true!

    I am a new follower via Bool Blogs. :)



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