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Monday, August 6, 2012

Oklahoma Live! Televised Interview

Greetings, Fellow Readers and Wordsmiths:

Today I had the pleasure of being interviewed on a local television show, Oklahoma Live!, hosted by Owen Pickard and Mrs. Oklahoma, regarding my various publications (including Empyreal Fate). It was a great experience, and I had a marvelous time sitting on-stage as the show was filmed and answering questions when my turn came around. Unfortunately, I didn't know any of the questions beforehand, so my answers were quite impromptu and not as thorough as I normally would have made them. Also, I was cut off at one point while talking about Rhothdyn, the king of man, but I believe it was simply due to time constraints. All the same, I was delighted and honored to be featured, and I would like to share with you all the link to the interview. Don't laugh at my attempt at a bun, by the way. My hair is nearly to my thighs, and it is my first time using 'hair chopsticks'. Anyway... Enjoy!

Quote for today:

"The difficulty for me in writing–among the difficulties–is to write language that can work quietly on a page for a reader who doesn’t hear anything. Now for that, one has to work very carefully with what is in between the words. What is not said. Which is measure, which is rhythm, and so on. So, it is what you don’t write that frequently gives what you do write its power." 
-Toni Morrison

Until next time! Fare thee well~

Rachel Hunter


  1. Hey Rachel

    Well done! Awesomeness!!


  2. I just watched the interview! It was fantastic. You did a great job answering questions and seemed very calm and assured. I also think your hair looked fantastic- good work with the chopstics. I learned a lot about you and your book. Way to go!

  3. Thank you for visiting, Bella and Jess! The interview was a lot of fun, and I found that once I actually began answering the questions, my nerves began to dissipate. It was a great experience, and I am glad to have been given the opportunity to be featured on live television!

    Take care,


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