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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Free Days: Empyreal Fate

Greetings and Good Mornin', Readers, Writers, Friends, Acquaintances:

I am happy to announce my fantasy novel's first-ever FREE day! That's right; you heard correctly: Today, everyone has the chance to obtain a free Kindle eBook of Empyreal Fate. Don't have a Kindle? No problem! Amazon has a nifty link that lets you download a Kindle app for free: click here. That way, you can read Empyreal Fate at no cost: on your computer, smartphone, Tablet, i-device, etc... So if you're interested in a fantasy read with a bit of romance, suspense, betrayal, and darkness (not to mention... elves) - all tied together with poetic, archaic language, then you will want to give Empyreal Fate a try. And if you are so kind as to read it, I am always appreciative of reviews.

What are you waiting for? The realm of Llathala awaits~

Filled to the brim with forbidden love, an ancient evil, and a nation in disrepair, Empyreal Fate is a tale of riveting bravery and mortal corruption.

The land of Llathala lingers on the brink of war between men and elves, a dark history surrounding each race. Stirred by tensions of the land, a shadow of the past reemerges, taking precedence in reality and consuming the very soul of mans’ mortal weakness. Darrion, the son of a poor laborer, is ensnared in a hostile world, forced to choose between loyalty to his king or the counsel of the elves. Yet Fate has other plans in store, tying his course to Amarya, an elven royalblood of mysterious quality and unsurpassable beauty. But this forbidden connection incites betrayal from members of their own kin, marking them as traitors to the crown. In a land torn asunder, only Fate’s decree can allow such love to coexist with an ancient enmity.

                                    Behold: A Llathalan Annal: Empyreal Fate – Part One.


  1. Wishing you a great day! I tweeted, google+'d and posted on FB for you! :)

  2. Friday Greetings my fellow Blogger!

    I have awesome news: I've nominated you for The One Lovely Blog Award!

    So tootle along to my blog and pick it up:

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    Bella x

  3. Congrats on the Lovely blog award, you have a mighty interesting blog here :). Kisses.


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