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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hydra Publications Blog Hop: September 10th-15th

Greetings, World!

Tis a bright and sunny day, and I'm pleased to announce that this coming week (September 10th-15th), several of my fellow authors from Hydra Publications will be participating in one big "Hydra Blog Hop"!

That's right: all week long, we will be featuring one another on our blogs - you know, interrogating each other and the like. (Okay, so... interrogations aside). But we will be supporting one another via interviews, features, excerpts, guest posts, etc... So if any of you are curious to learn more about the talented individuals from Hydra Publications - or are simply looking for a great, new read, then I encourage you to tune in each day this week for a new feature.

Until then~



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